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Autokoroosh isn't only an auto administration and fix focus in Dubai, UAE. Situated in Al Qouz Industrial Area, we're a group of very gifted specialists who are enthusiastic about everything without exception that has to do with vehicles! With long periods of involvement in the car business, in addition to the fact that we keep your vehicles running sheltered and smooth, we offer Car Repair and Maintenance Services full line of most recent devices and hardware. We have our own agile fix systems for Car Repair , which makes us emerge from the others in this industry.

Our Car maintenance Garage offer all kind of expert corrective vehicle care in Dubai, UAE. We additionally offer nearby fixes for our client comfort. Our condition of workmanship fixing administrations gives the client the best ever encounters. We don't stop at that, we go to that additional mile for customer fulfillment and endeavor to enhance our nature of administration with new procedures . So if you are looking for the top Car maintenance service for your vehicle, then you are at the perfect place.

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Car Polishing

When we look at a car ,not only its inner specialties attract the public, but also the physical appearance .Many people don’t know how to take care of their vehicle. Autokoroosh is there to support you. It is one of the leading car polishing companies in Dubai.We provide lot of cost effective car polishing services for the customers to get that shine, We give value to the customers and their suggestions and you can expect us to give undivided services for you


Car Detailing

The views and decisions are different for each and every person . Likewise every person like variety of appearances for their vehicle. For that, Autokoroosh Dubai is at your service . Our Maintenance company provides different car detailing services like interior and exterior car detailing and paint protection. Exterior car detailing include waxing & then polishing . Interior car detailing include cleaning of interior floor mats & carpets and washing seats with standard quality products

car detailing

Swirl Removal

The shine on your vehicle does not depend upon their glow from outside . The scratch marks and the swirl marks also take your shine of your vehicle. So the best Car Garage Dubai are there to fix it for you. We use the cut and polish method for that look . First we wash the car and remove the clear coat from the car to restore that original fresh look for your vehicle . We offer high quality Car Maintenance services like swirl Removal for our customers by our expert workers.

Swirl Removal

Car Interior Cleaning

Driving should be a comfortable and refreshing experience for both drivers and those who travel with them . So for that freshness of the interiors is a must. Autokoroosh UAE is there for you to attain that look. Autokoorosh Cpmpany provide high range interior cleaning services for our customers in Dubai . The services include cleaning of dashboards, speedometers, Floor mats, dials etc with our standard products.

car interior cleaning

Engine Cleaning

The Engine is the most commercial part of a vehicle . So it should be taken care carefully. When we drive ,the engine will be covered with dirt, grease ,oil & other unwanted particles. Autokoroosh the Car maintenance Company is at your service for maintaining the heart of a vehicle, the engine. Our experts use high quality services which includes washing with the de greasing cleaner to remove the dirt .Then spraying it with high pressure spray leads to fully removal of grime, salt etc that has covered up your engine of the vehicle.

Engine Cleaning dubai

Paint Protection

Our vehicle is our personal investment so it should be taken care safely. For that protection from UV rays, pollutants ,dirt etc are important. Autokoroosh provides you best paint protection services for your vehicle in Dubai, UAE. Our company provides high quality paint protection to make your vehicle glow with best protection from unwanted pollutants . It will make your vehicle easy for washing,minimizes the pressure of waxing and polishing and other benefits. So come and experience our Reapir services Dubai

Paint Protection dubai

Cement Removal

We work on our vehicle to maintain its fresh and attractive look. But little distraction can ruin your shine of the vehicle. Parking of a vehicle should be done carefully . Small cement particles can cause high damage to our vehicle. Autokoroosh identifies this and adopt safer methods for the removal of the particles without damaging the vehicle. You can test our service ready at that moment. So we can show you the high quality service given to the vehicle.

car maintenance - cement removal

Window Tinting/Film

The weather conditions in Dubai can ruin your amazing driving experience .Protection from harsh weather conditions mainly harmful UV rays from the sun is very important. Autokoroosh provides variety of car tinting methods using durable dyed tint and ceramic tint to get protection from the harsh rays. The tint not only gives protection but also give your vehicle a grand look. So rely on our Car maintenance service like this and make your vehicle look attractive.

car garage - car tinting dubai


The vehicles at old days had made the workers easy to work with it. But now vehicles became more complex which require expert maintenance . Autokoroosh offers you high quality repairing and mechanical methods for their complex issues. Our company provides you variety of mechanical services like: Air Conditioning services, Alignments, Brakes, Coolant Service (hoses, thermostat, radiators), Electrical Systems (Alternators, Batteries, Lights, Starters, Wipers), Emission issues, Engine Performance of your vehicle (Diagnostics, Tune ups), Fuel Injection System & Cleaning, General Repair, Heating Systems, Oil and Filter Change, Maintenance (Fluids, Filters, Timing Belts) etc..

car mechanical dubai

Wheel Repairing & Painting

Unfortunately, the kerbstones and potholes have become the enemies of the motorists nowadays. And driving through it can easily damage your wheels and wheel rims. Hence, the repair and maintenance of the wheels are of prime importance. The Broken roads, dislocated holes in roads and the curbs have become the drivers enemy nowadays . It can easily damage the wheels of your vehicle. So the repairing that issues are of primary importance. Some of our wheel based repair services are: Curb Damage Repair, Dent Removal methods, Wheel Straightening, Wheel Buckle Removal, Corrosion Removal & Repair, Wheel Leak issues, Wheel Welding, Crack Repair, Wheel Paint modifying, Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Renewal etc..

Wheel Repairing & Painting

Body Painting & Repairing

Our vehicle means our personal asset. Even a small scratch can feel bad for you. Our expert team workers provide you top car paint and car repairing services to recover your new appearance of your vehicle. By using our modern repair techniques ,your vehicle will be thankful for you. Like Body Panel Repairs Body Panel Renewal, Frame Straightening and Alignment(chassis), Bumper Repairing techniques, Bumper Replacement, Body Painting and work, Dent Removal, Glass Refurbishment .

Body Painting & Repairing

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