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Autokoroosh is not just an car repair / auto service and repair garage centre in Dubai. Located in Al Qouz Industrial Area, we’re a team of highly skilled technicians who are passionate about anything and everything that has to do with cars! With years of experience in the automobile industry, not only do we keep your vehicles running safe and smooth, but we also offer full line of latest tools and equipment.

We have our own nimble repair techniques, which makes us stand out from the others in this industry. Our expertise service is second to none as well as we keep the price most competitive in the market and a cost-effective alternative to the franchised dealers. Drawing from years of experience, we have designed innovative ideas which provide simple, effective, quick and economical repair solutions to your cars. Important Tags : Car Repair Dubai, Auto Repair Garage dubai, car maintenance service in dubai, Car Repair Dubai, Car Repair Garage dubai .

auto koorosh car repair

Car Polishing

We all love the way our cars looked when they first arrived fresh from the showroom. The smooth finish without any blemishes, scratches or stains made us feel happy and proud. Autokoroosh is one of the leading car polishing and repair companies in Dubai.


Car Detailing

Have you ever thought of giving your dull car a makeover? Then what it needs is a car detailing service which encompasses different aspects of car maintenance such as cleaning the interiors, paint restoration, wheel care and engine refurbishment. Autukoroosh auto garage provide the quality services

car detailing

Swirl Removal

Tiny scratches and swirls in the clear coat literally takes off the shine of your car. No matter how often you wax and wax it, it seems inevitable to see light scratches and swirl marks. Come to us and we will fix it for you!

Swirl Removal

Car Interior Cleaning

Driving through the roads of Dubai can get overwhelming sometimes. Autokoroosh the Auto Repair garage provide you with a comprehensive range of interior car cleaning services, that is designed to create a fresh and clean driving experience for the drivers...

car interior cleaning

Engine Cleaning

An engine is the most important part of your vehicle and this compartment of your vehicle may get fairly dirty from time to time. Our skilled mechanics and professional cleaners service the engine compartment...

Engine Cleaning dubai

Paint Protection

Being one of the biggest personal investment, you will want to retain your car’s quality and retail value. Regular service and maintenance are the ideal procedures to keep your engine and other moving parts running smoothly.

Paint Protection dubai

Cement Removal

You work on your car’s shine by washing, detailing and polishing each day. But all it takes is one unthinking moment to get it all ruined. Parking either below or even in the vicinity of a building under construction , sometimes, is all it takes...

cement removal

Window Tinting/Film

When it comes to putting up with the heat of Dubai, one of the most essential factors to consider is your car tint. The quality of tint is pf primary importance since it provides protection against the sun’s harsh UV rays by up to 99%.

car tinting dubai


Gone are those good old days, were a hammer and a good screw driver were required to keep your car running smoothly. Not anymore. Automotive systems have become more complex and fixing and maintaining them requires an intricate skill. Autokoroosh auto garage Do the Work Clean and Quality

car mechanical dubai

Wheel Repairing & Painting

Unfortunately, the kerbstones and potholes have become the enemies of the motorists nowadays. And driving through it can easily damage your wheels and wheel rims. Hence, the repair and maintenance of the wheels are of prime importance.

Wheel Repairing & Painting

Body Painting & Repairing

Nothing hurts more than getting your car scratched and scuffed. Are you troubled with finding a best service centre for car body repairing in Dubai, UAE ? No matter how large your scratch is or however your vehicle has been damaged, our expert team will easily handle

Body Painting & Repairing

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