Car Detailing

Car Detailing

Have you ever thought of giving your dull car a makeover ? Then what it needs is a car detailing service which encompasses different aspects of car maintenance such as cleaning the interiors, paint restoration, wheel care and engine refurbishment in Dubai.

Autokoroosh brings together its passion for exotic cars and a team of trained technicians to offer you customized car detailing services. With the complete and high-quality car detailing services we have in store, you will leave our Dubai car service centre happy and satisfied. We offer you the following car detailing services:

For exterior car detailing, we utilize various techniques to the perfect look. This entails waxing, followed by polishing.To ensure exceptional results our skilled detailers use high quality products to dry the car’s surface and then apply polishes and waxes to bring back its original shine.
In this phase we perform full cleaning of the interiors, which includes cleaning carpets and foot mats as well as shampooing seats. Our detailers use special tools to remove the stains on the seats as well as on the surfaces, ultimately giving your interior a fresh look and feel.
With the harsh environmental conditions in UAE, you might want to consider protecting your car’s external paint. Here at Autokoroosh our knowledgeable and experienced painters use high quality chemicals and apply a thin layer of coat to the car’s body to restore its shine as well as to keep the paint protected for a long period in harsh weather conditions.
So, do not hesitate to choose car detailing service at Autokoroosh, since your car deserves to look great inside out all-season long.

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Advantage and Disadvantages in Car Detailing

Firstly, good detailing job safeguards the paint applied. The interior of the car matters as much as the exterior does. After all, a car that looks good should also feel good. Car detailing done on a regular basis upholds your vehicle and lends to its longevity. A car that is detailed on a regular basis, stands a better chance and owns a competitive advantage if you are looking to sell it in the near future. This too can take up time and effort, but it is worth it!

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