Car Polishing

Car Polishing

They say all that glitters is not gold. But when it comes to cars, a polished car is as good as gold. Cars come in all shapes and sizes, whatever kind yours is we got the right polishing service. We know cars like the back of our hand, this is because we have a reserve of a skilled and experienced workforce that knows what’s best for your car. There is only so much washing your car can do. Polishing removes the tough dirt and scratches that cannot be removed by mere washing. Polish your car and allow it to shine, give it the care it needs to keep it up and running.

We all love the way our cars looked when they first arrived fresh from the showroom. The smooth finish without any blemishes, scratches or stains made us feel happy and proud. Well, you can keep the car in similar state for long time by caring for it correctly. And its never too late to start caring for it. Well, turn to Autokoroosh for it!

Autokoroosh is one of the leading car polishing companies in Dubai. We offer a complete range of polishing services for vehicles of any shapes and sizes. Skilled and expert technicians and mechanics who are trained in car polishing serve you with precise and exact results. We keep your car looking pristine and beautiful in any weather, on any day, with the help of premium car polishing techniques. From detailing to polishing, we can buff up your car and make it brand new. Apart from this we offer you a wide range of car polishing packages from which you can choose the best suited package for yourself.

By paying attention to every bit of detail, and applying a philosophy of absolute customer satisfaction, you can expect us to provide unparalleled service and support to you.

car polishing


Excessive polishing can cause the removal of paint and expose the body underneath. This is why such a task must be delegated to experts. When done right, polishing removes impurities and minor scratches and retains the shine. It can help even out the tone of the paint if there are any disproportions in the coating of the paint applied. The effects of a good polish on your car can have lasting results. It is a time-consuming effort nevertheless, it is an investment. Let the specialists take care of it and get a great-looking car without the labor.

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