Window Tinting/Film

Window Tinting/Film

When it comes to putting up with the heat of Dubai, one of the most essential factors to consider is your car tint. The quality of tint is pf primary importance since it provides protection against the sun’s harsh UV rays by up to 99%. Make sure that you and your passengers stay protected against the heat of the sun, with the help of premium car window tinting at Autokoroosh.

We aim to provide our customers with the car tinting deals that provide superior value for money. We offer a wide variety of tinting options and levels to choose from, allowing our customers full customization. Whether you are looking for a window tinting option that matches with the colour of your ride, or you want a choice that contrasts nicely with the shade of your vehicle, we have it all.

We carry out a highly effective application method that ensure durability of the tint no matter the situation. Whether extreme heat or harsh rain, our tinting process will stick to your window.

So, cover your windows with our premium quality tinting and upgrade your vehicle to a new level.

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