Engine Cleaning

Engine Cleaning

An engine is the most important part of your vehicle and this compartment of your vehicle may get fairly dirty from time to time. Open it up and you may find leaves caught in the hood jams, as well as dust and dirt residue all over the engine surfaces and under the hood itself. Engine bay detailing should be taken with extreme care as there are many electrics and important components under the hood.

So, is your engine looking worn down and grimy? Then let Autokoroosh bring it back to life with our professional engine detailing services.

Our skilled mechanics and professional cleaners service the engine compartment by first shampooing it which is a powerful foaming de-greasing cleaner. This removes the oil and grease and loosen all kinds of grime. After it has sit for a while, a high-pressure spray is used to rinse of the foam which takes away the built-up grime, sand, salt and everything else that has accumulated in your engine bay.

Each engine is different just like a car’s interior. Our professional engine detailing technicians understand this and have the training and experience to get the job done right. So, come visit us today and avail the engine cleaning service!