How Much Does Car Polishing Cost in Dubai

Car Polishing

Car polishing is the best way to improve the look of the car. Polishing the cars will help to increase the life and beauty of paint. Polishing the car body will improve the finishing. Also polishing will help to remove the firms from the vehicle body. Polishing is regular maintenance for all cars. When polishing is carried out we have to ensure that the paint has been protected. Polishing can be done by using polishing wheels and also can be done by using hands. Before starting to polish, wash the vehicle. Different car polishing centers are available in Dubai. Each auto care centers have different rate for polishing. The rate is varied from one auto service center to another. The cost of car polishing is depending on the type of vehicle, paint used, condition and the garage used. There is no standard cost for car polishing in Dubai. The car polishing rate is ranges from 300 to 800 AED. Don’t select the auto service center according to the rate of charge they applied, always make sure about the quality of products used. Car polishing is not a single step it includes two to three steps. It starts with an aggressive polishing and followed by a milder finishing. Polishing services have been classified into different types. Steam wash is used for removing dirt and grime. Clay bar is used to remove the surface contamination. Compounding is done for eliminating scratches from the car body. Polishing is done for removing swirl marks and waxing is for improving the shine. Polishing will protect the car from fading color. Polishing will helps to look like the car as brand new one. Car polishing will help to remove the scratches from the body. The auto care centers will offer a warranty of one year after completing the polish. After completing polishing you can treat your car as before. Autokoroosh the Car maintenance Dubai ofer all types of services

Autokoroosh is one of the leading car polishing companies in Dubai. We offer a complete range of polishing services for vehicles of any shapes and sizes. Skilled and expert technicians and mechanics who are trained in car polishing serve you with precise and exact results. We keep your car looking pristine and beautiful in any weather, on any day, with the help of premium car polishing techniques. From detailing to polishing, we can buff up your car and make it brand new. Apart from this we offer you a wide range of car polishing packages from which you can choose the best suited package for yourself.

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Excessive polishing can cause the removal of paint and expose the body underneath. This is why such a task must be delegated to experts. When done right, polishing removes impurities and minor scratches and retains the shine. It can help even out the tone of the paint if there are any disproportions in the coating of the paint applied. The effects of a good polish on your car can have lasting results. It is a time-consuming effort nevertheless, it is an investment. Let the specialists take care of it and get a great-looking car without the labor.