Swirl Removal

Swirl Removal

Tiny scratches and swirls in the clear coat literally takes off the shine of your car. So, does your car have swirl marks? Are you wondering how you can remove them? Maintaining the original look of your car is not an easy task. No matter how often you wax and wax it, it seems inevitable to see light scratches and swirl marks. Come to us and we will fix it for you!

Our expert painters and detailers use unique and effective methods to get the results you’d love to see.

How do we do it?

We rinse your car and then use the cut and polish method. This essentially involves removing some of the clear coat in order to remove defects and then restoring the gloss and shine of the paint. Our techniques assure to fix Swirl marks, light-medium scratches, faded paints, waters spots, holograms, oxidation, etching from animal droppings and much more.

With offering top quality services for swirl removal, we aim to make your car brand new and ensure complete satisfaction.

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